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New Year wishes from Olympic Watch

Jan Ruml, Chairman of Olympic Watch, has recorded the following Lunar New Year greeting for the global Chinese television station, NTDTV.

Respected and dear friends,

It is a great honor for me that I can wish all the best for the New Year in my name and on behalf of the citizens of Czech Republic to citizens of China and I would want to wish that this year brings closer to people in mainland China the same rights and freedoms that are enjoyed by the Chinese people elsewhere in the world, in Hong Kong, in Taiwan, in Europe or in America.

Let us wish ourselves in the New lunar year, in the year of Monkey not only much health, humor and happiness, success in business but above all progress in the area of human rights and freedoms.

The international Olympic Watch committee in whose name I also greet you is an international group of publicly active influential personalities who have committed to help ensure that the 2008 Olympic Games take place in a free and democratic country. We want people in China to enjoy human rights and liberties, the Chinese judiciary system to judge people according to their rights and principles of justice, we want the inhuman treatment and torture to disappear. For all people of China we want the Olympics to become an expression of peace and new hope. We want China to prosper and become a land where people will be glad to live and where human rights and freedoms are respected.

I wish you much happiness.

Olympic Watch
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