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Statutes of the civic association "Committee for the Summer Olympic Games 2008 in a Free and Democratic Country"

Article I. Title, Seat and Origin of the Association
  1. The title of the Association is "Committee for the Summer Olympic Games 2008 in a Free and Democratic Country". The short title is "Committee for SOG 2008". (Henceforward "The Association").

  2. The seat of the Association is c/o Jan Ruml, Milady Horákové cp. 103/66, 160 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic.

  3. The Association is established by the adoption of the Statutes at the founding general meeting.

  4. The Association is established under the Act No. 83/1990 on civic associations. It is a legal entity and a subject of law from the date of its registration by the Ministry of Interior.

  5. The Association is a voluntary, independent, non-profit organization based on a common interest of its members.
Article II. The Goals of the Association
  1. The goal of the Association is to monitor the observance of human rights in the Peoples Republic of China in connection with the organization of the Summer Olympic Games 2008 (henceforward "SOG 2008") in Beijing and to win the support of the public in order to pressure the international community not to allow the desecration of the ides of the Olympic Charter by holding the SOG 2008 in a country which does not respect human and civic rights.

  2. In particular, the activities of the Association include
    1. monitoring of the situation in the field of human rights in the PRC through the reports of other groups and individuals,
    2. securing support for the goal of the Association under paragraph 1 from public personalities,
    3. securing support for the goal of the Association under paragraph 1 from the general public,
    4. educating the public about the observance of human rights in the PRC.
Article III. Membership
  1. Any person or any entity with an interest in the active support of the idea of a universal validity of human rights can become a member.

  2. A person becomes a member under paragraph 1 through a notification of joining. For the notification to be valid, it must be approved unanimously by the steering committee of the Association.

  3. Unless the steering committee makes a determination within two days of the delivery of a notification of joining, it is assumed that it has approved the notification.

  4. A member of the Association is entitled to participate in the activities of the Association. In particular, he or she is entitled to be present at the meeting of the Steering Committee, to vote, to inspect the documents of the Association and to be informed about all matters pertaining to the Association in a general meeting. A member of the Association is obliged to actively participate in the activities of the Association.
Article IV. Officers of the Association
  1. Officers of the Association consist of the General Meeting, the Steering Committee, the President and the Vice-President.

  2. The President and the Vice-President, each in his own capacity, act on behalf of the Association. The President or the Vice-President signs for the Association by attaching their signature under a written or printed title of the Association.
Article V. General Meeting
  1. The General Meeting is the supreme body of the Association. It is the exclusive right of the General Meeting
    1. to adopt or amend the Statutes, to approve or reject a decision of the Steering Committee or of the President,
    2. to elect other officers of the Association and to adjudicate possible conflicts between them,
    3. to decide about the demise of the Association and the settlement of its property,
    4. to decide about all matters delegated to its competence by the Statutes.
  2. The General Meeting is convened by the President, or otherwise by the Steering Committee. The General Meeting convenes at least once a year or at the request of at least one third of members. If either the President of the Steering Committee does not convene the General Meeting within one month of a request to convene such a Meeting by one third of member, the members may convene such a Meeting on their own.

  3. All members of the Association are entitled to participate in a General Meeting. Members of the Steering Committee and the President are obliged to be present at the Meeting. If need be, other persons can participate in the meeting with the prior approval of the Meeting.

  4. The meeting is capable of adopting decisions if more than one half of members are present. Every member has one vote.

  5. If fewer than fifty percent of members meet at the appointed place and time, the convening authority can decide to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting at the same place starting one hour after the appointed time for the original Meeting.

  6. An Extraordinary General Meeting is capable of adopting decisions if at least four members are present.

  7. The decisions in the General Meeting and in the Extraordinary General Meeting are adopted by a majority of members present. Incase of a tied vote, the vote of the President decides.
Article VI: Steering Committee
  1. The Steering Committee has three members. They are the President, the Vice-President and a member elected by the General Meeting.

  2. The Steering Committee decides about all the matters, which are not in the competence of the General Meeting, or of the President. In particular, it decides about matters specifically delegated to it by the Statutes.

  3. The Steering Committee adopts decisions by consensus

  4. The Steering Committee appoints the secretary of the Association.
Article VII. The President
  1. The President is the top executive officer representing the Association with respect top third persons. The President is responsible to the Steering Committee.

  2. The President implements the resolutions of the Steering Committee. In his execution of matters of the Association he is obliged to act in accordance with the legal order, the Statutes, and the resolutions of the General Meeting and the Steering Committee.

  3. The President attends to the day-to-day matters of the Association and decides about all the matters that do not belong to the exclusive competence of the General Meeting and the Steering Committee.

  4. The President is obliged to inform the General Meeting and the Steering Committee about financial matters.

  5. The President decides about the use of the finances of the Association with the approval of the Steering Committee.
Article VIII. The Vice-President
  1. The Vice-President assumes all the duties of the President in his absence.
Article IX. Financing
  1. The funds of the Association consist of subsidies and donations. In its activities, the Association is obliged to obey by general legal standards and by the Statutes.
Article X. Demise of the Association
  1. The Association is discontinued through a voluntary dissolution or a merger with another association or through a legally effective decision about its dissolution by the Ministry.

  2. If demise occurs through a voluntary dissolution, the property is liquidated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Commercial Code on the liquidation of commercial companies.
Article XI. Closing provisions
  1. These statutes have been adopted at the Founding General Meeting on September 20, 2001.
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